Excellent use of clay for skin

This natural ingredient has many wonderful effects on the skin and health that you will be surprised.
Natural clay is a common ingredient in acne solutions because it contains a lot of magnesium chloride in clay. At present, this material is widely used in many skin care products such as skin cleanser, skin balancing water and more importantly skin nourishment mask with naturallypretty.org.

1. Exfoliation
The first reason why clay is so praised is that it helps to remove dead skin cells, making it easier for the skin to breathe.
Using clay to exfoliate the body will have the effect of cooling and healing the skin. Exfoliation formula with clay:
– 1 cup of oatmeal
– 1 cup Indian seasoning powder
– 1/4 cup white sandalwood powder
– 1 teaspoon turmeric powder
– Kala chana flour
– Natural clay
– Milk
Mix well and store in a small bottle for daily use. Wet the person and then use this mixture to massage the skin all over the body. Leave them on the skin for 5 minutes, while the body massage for comfort and then bathe with water.
2. Lighten the skin
Clay Mask is very effective in lightening skin as well as improving the texture of facial skin. It also makes the skin radiant by cleansing, smoothing the skin.
In particular, clay is capable of absorbing dirt, germs and toxins on the face, which smoothes pores. As a result, the creams are then absorbed better and more effective.
3. ‘Spirit of Medicine’ for oily skin
Clay is an excellent choice for those who have oily skin. Clay combined with rose water will create a perfect mask for oily skin. For those with dry skin, add some milk and almonds and mix with clay to create a mask that stimulates blood circulation.
4. Prevention and treatment of acne
Clay is known as a substance that has an oil-absorbing characteristic. For this reason it appears in the composition of many types of acne mask for the skin. This product is suitable for acne prone skin because of the ability to soothe, reduce redness and irritate the skin. In addition, clay reduces the recurrence of acne.
For acne, mix clay with tomato juice, turmeric and sandalwood. Cover for ten minutes and rinse.
For complete blackhead and whitehead, mix the clay with grated almonds and glycerine soap and massage the mixture over face and massage.
For pimples, grind some Indian neem leaves and mix them with clay to form a smooth mixture. Apply this mixture to the areas of the acne for 10-15 minutes and then rinse with cold water.
However, you always remember that clay is only good for oily skin. If you have very dry and sensitive skin, do not use clay.
5. Blemish treatment
After acne, bruises will bother you. Use a mixture of Indian lemongrass powder (Neem powder), camphor, clay and rose water to form a smooth mixture. Applying a weekly patch will help reduce the signs of the skin.
6. Treatment of freckles, tan
Clay also helps to reduce freckles and even skin tones. It can also heal your scars. Adding some essential oils to clay to cover your face will help you to have soft skin.
7. Firming the skin
Clay is actually a great skin care ingredient because it has the effect of firming the skin. Mix one egg and one teaspoon of curd with one teaspoon of clay and apply on face for 20 minutes to get a firm, rejuvenated skin.
8. Blurring scars
You can blot the scars by mixing a spoonful of carrot with some clay and 2 tablespoons of olive oil to cover your face.
9. Disinfection, healing the skin
Clay is a disinfectant. As a result, they can heal irritated pores and gently exfoliate the skin.

10. Helps skin healthy
Clay contains healthy nutrients and provides natural moisture to the skin. It has the same effects as shrink pores , remove blackheads and whiteheads, fade freckles, soothe sunburn, cleanse the skin, improve the skin, reduce acne, Darkens and brightens the skin. Clay sucks dirt and dead cells, germs and toxins. Clay “pure” the skin by stimulating blood circulation and white blood cells.
Apply a mixture of clay with mung bean paste and turmeric will help bright and natural healthy skin. Clean the skin thoroughly, apply a thin layer of this mixture on your body, face, neck, chest, and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water. You can use them daily instead of soap.
11. Helps blood circulation
Use clay on any part of the body to improve blood circulation.
12. Body massage

Make hot and cold cover:
You can use it as a warm or cold compress to treat dysmenorrhea, muscle aches, sunburn, insect bites and burns.
To make a warm dressing, mix the clay with warm water and use.
To make a cold swab, mix the clay with cold water and use.
13. Reduce heat
Mix the clay with water to a paste. Apply to the entire body to soothe sunburn. Avoid use on the chest because they may have side effects in the respiratory tract.
14. Laundry
Clay is a remarkable cleanser that absorbs and removes stains of oil, grease, wax or blood on the skin or clothing. So clay is always present in the composition of detergent clothes.
* Note when using clay:
– Selection of natural clay.
Eating clay can cause kidney stones or bowel obstruction.
Leave the clay in a cool and dry place and keep away from heat, air and sunlight.
Store it in the refrigerator or outside in an airtight container.