Truly faithful disc golfer

Disc golf has been played and enjoyed since the early start of frisbee sports back in late 70´s and early 80´s. Back then pole holes where almost unknown and targets were lampposts, benches or even trash cans. Just like in every other country back then. Players had fun just tossing the disc and it didn’t really matter if events and festivals were freestyle, ultimate, SCF or disc golf We all simple enjoyed the flight of a disc and the company of each other. I was just a small boy back then but I will never forget the joy of being among all these fine frisbee tossers not to mention my fascination of how well a disc could be thrown.
I was thrilled when I played my first international tournament in ´82, the Copenhagen Open Disc Golf Tournament had more than 100 players. Now I’m still small but not a boy any longer. I have grown up having the sport of disc golf as my always-true companion. Both disc golf and my self have had our ups and downs. In 1984 Denmark’s first 9 hole course was installed in Odense. The opening tournament had players from Sweden but it was the always steady Flemming Larsen who won the tournament and a pole hole glittering in gold-spray-paint. The year after, Horsens Frisbee Klub announced they would be next. The beautiful City Park and its ancient trees would also have pole holes(baskets) installed with amazing reviews. Things really happened in the western part of Denmark back then. Soon Esbjerg got a course, only three pole holes, but still…
The year was 1986 when East Denmark finally got a 9 hole course. Unfortunately the area in Odense had problems with water and the baskets were transferred to the club I was playing for. It was bad luck for the guys from Odense, but nevertheless we were quite happy to take advantage of their misfortune. I remember when the first 6 baskets were in, we played at least 100 rounds that evening.
Suddenly a change in our frisbee community occurred. Lots of players disappeared and the few that were left crossed over to ultimate. Disc Golf had difficulties keeping players coming to tournaments and yes, I’m so sorry to confess that even I, your truly faithful disc golfer by heart and soul, also vanished from the scene. It was hard work living off beer alone, so I started playing again after high school and enjoying the temptations that period of time offered me. For 2 or 3 years there was only a handful of players spread all over the nation. These were difficult times, practising all alone and also being the only traveller. But, as in any other crisis there will always come a turning point and for disc golf in Denmark this held true. Now we have 8 courses in Denmark. Two of these are at sport colleges, one at a congress centre and the rest are public courses, free to play. The number of players increases every year, but still we are far from where we want to be. But most important we do have the foundation from where growth hopefully will occur: Courses. This year more Danish players than ever will travel to international tournaments. Vice versa international players will hopefully come to the Danish Open. Maybe the crisis of disc golf in Denmark is a closed chapter for now. The sport has grown up to be mature and is ready to handle the ups and downs life offers. Just like I did.