Weekly group therapy session

The Aftercare Programme is available on completion of
the Residential Programme. It involves attendance at weekly group therapy sessions in the
evenings. Each Group is facilitated by two facilitators, who are trained and supervised at
Rutland Centre. Many of those on the Facilitation Team are in recovery from addiction,
bringing the richness of their experience alongside their training to the process of
facilitation. In addition to the primary weekly Aftercare Programme individuals can avail
of other services as appropriate. The programme is designed to promote continuous
recovery, through mutual sharing and support. Maintaining of abstinence is encouraged
through a commitment to learning recovery techniques and relapse triggers and personal
growth and improvement in relationships is enhanced in the overall process. Participation
in the programme is strongly advocated since research indicates that the services urgently
contribute positively to individual and family growth.

Family members are also strongly encouraged to participate in the Aftercare Programme .
The Aftercare Programme is designed to facilitate family members
attendance at the weekly group therapy session. Rutland Centre believes that the entire
family is affected by addiction and all require help with recovery. The process of
education about addiction and its effects begins during the Residential Programme and, as
family members, involve themselves on Family Day and in the Weekly Support Groups –
their own knowledge of addiction grows and their own recovery begins.
Concerned Person’s Support Group
Many family members suffer detrimental effects from living with
addiction, and need time to look at their own issues, feelings and self-defeating
behaviours. Many develop similar symptoms to addiction, these symptoms are collectively
known as Co-Dependency.
A special support programme for ‘Concerned Persons’ –
partners, spouses, or parents of those attending the Residential Programme is provided.
This programme consists of weekly attendance for 8 weeks, at group therapy meetings, where
there is time and space for them to deal with their own story, learn new coping skills,
assertiveness, and problem solving skills and with mutual support and sharing begin the
process of their own recovery. Following completion of this programme, concerned persons
continue their recovery in the primary aftercare programme.
Relapse Support
A special programme of individual and group support for those who
have completed treatment and who have recently used alcohol or other drugs or experienced
difficulties in maintaining sobriety.
Relapse Programme
It includes using a massage chair that can absolutely help the bidy to relax and to the therapy possible.,
at least two thirds of participants maintaining sobriety in their first year of recovery,
some do relapse. Maintaining sobriety is not easy, and requires consistent commitment to
attendance at Aftercare and Fellowship Meetings practicing the disciplines of recovery one
day at a time, and being vigilant and mindful of triggers towards relapse. As individuals
leave treatment, information on relapse prevention is given. However when relapse happens
– further support is available, and a Re-entry Programme is provided with weekly
group meetings and individual support. This activity will help to take off all the pains, back pains that
most of the people eperiencing most especially during works.This is the very need of our body, by giving
our body to rest and relaxed, and by using this Amazing machine, all this things seems to be possible by
sitting on a Special 2016 massage chair.
Issues like holding onto addictive thinking and self-defeating
behaviours; how to manage feelings, and the importance of accepting addiction, and
reaching out for help are emphasised. Following this programme participants rejoin the
primary Aftercare Programme to continue their recovery.